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SANREMO Bravo Brewer

SANREMO Bravo Brewer

Bravo Brewer is a revolutionary evolution in the brewing method of filter coffee.

- Unique shape with gravitational funnel. Allowing air to come out creating a gravitational acceleration during the extraction. 

 -Thermometer - Measure the temperature during the pouring or infusion phase. Monitor the temperature during the entire extraction. 

- Gate valve regulation - flow controller that allows the manual opening of the valve for outgoing liquids. 

- Air Flow regulation - plays with the oxygen allowing to stretch the flavours during the extraction.

- Removable Static fluid and gas mixer. You can mix thousands of times the molecules of your brewed coffee. It can be used to increase body and sweetness based on your preference and coffee. 

- Essence injection. Allowing to play with ingredients.

From the home user to the professional barista, the Bravo offers coffee lovers the ability to experiment with their brewing technique. With its multiple functions, the Bravo gives flexible creativity when extracting coffee in either a percolation or infusion method.

BRAVO BREWER is the first device of its kind entirely designed and crafted with pride in ITALY, represented by the 3 times Italian Barista Champion Giacomo Vannelli, Sanremo SWAT team member.

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