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High-precision grinding for your home, cafe or professional environment to unleash the grain’s aroma and its irresistible fragrance. 

Burrs made with M340 steel. 64mm diameter, titanium coating engineered to offer maximum performance for every granulometry. Long lasting and state-of-the-art, for up to 1.400 kg of coffee.

  • Micrometric grind adjustment - The wide grinding range and micrometric adjustment lets you find the perfect setting for your brewing method and type of coffee beans.
  • LED Dosing Display – Easy to touch and program LED display assists in setting up your grinder for the ideal performance.
  • Grind visual guide - Handy for beginners, the visual guide on the ring nut steers you into the correct grind settings and lets you further adjust as you get to perfect your recipe more.
  • 64mm flat burrs - Made with high-grade steel, these durable burrs ensure a uniform grind for better coffee extraction.
  • Dosing Chute Included – Use the dosing chute when grinding larger quantities to easily transfer them into the brewer.
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