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Thanks to the Multiboiler Realtime Stability system it is possible to set – for each single distribution group – the temperature of the coffee boilers, in accordance with the blend and/or the single-origin coffee used. The system can guarantee a complete independence between the distribution of coffee and steam, ensuring that the two actions do not affect each other, thus compromising a good outcome. The electronic control unit is equipped with a PID temperature management system, which independently regulates the coffee boilers and the heating of the individual groups.    Pre-infusion is the first phase in the extraction of coffee: the powder is wet and prepared for the following optimal extraction. Furthermore, pre-infusion allows to make the powder uniform in order to avoid the formation of preferential routes. 


  • Exclusive Sanremo design that allow an accurate maintenace of the set temperature
  • Constancy in the electronic controlled temperature
  • The new half-turn knob allows extreme precision limiting physical stress
  • Flowactive System : for precise control of the water flow and pre-infusion time
  • Anti-burning feature fitted with "Latte Art" high-performance steam terminals
  • Insulation and energy saving system up unitl 40% compared to single boiler machiens

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