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INDONESIA Aceh Gayo Queen Ketiara Wet-hulled

INDONESIA Aceh Gayo Queen Ketiara Wet-hulled

Blackberry | Spiced Chocolate | Herbs

Farm | Queen Ketiara Cooperative
Region | Aceh Gayo
Process | Wet-hulled
Variety | Caturra, Timtim
Altitude | 1400-1600 masl
Producer | Queen Ketiara Cooperative
Certification  | Organic EU, NOP, and Fairtrade.

Roasting Level | Medium-Dark

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The Producer & Farm 

Ketiara is a women-led cooperative. Located in Sumatra Aceh Gayo Highland. Ketiara has over 25 years of experience in coffee production. Beyond producing and trading premium quality coffee, Ketiara celebrates their value to promote women and younger farmer generation in coffee business.

Ketiara is very aware that the social, political, and cultural system in Indonesia are more pro-men, especially in Aceh Gayo. In Ketiara, believes that really no need to fight-back with harsh and arrogant ways. Ketiara embrace women but also men to promote gender equality within coffee business in Gayo. They promote non-aggressive, non-conflict, and fun. Our protest against patriarchal culture were carried out in non-violent ways, without feeling of being oppressed. We value men same as we value women. We need men, we love them, adore them. Gender equality in Ketiara is conscious reciprocal action to respect both women and men. In the end, we see that there is not necessary to have social, cultural, and political distinctions between men and women.

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