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The Opera has raised the bar in espresso machinery with the ultimate in precision performance. Designed by world leading baristas for the speciality coffee market.
The Opera is the ultimate experience for the cutting edge barista with three different fully programmable stages of infusion via a Controlled Delivery System which allows you to obtain the perfectly balanced extraction for any kind of coffee. There is so much that makes this machine different – from its construction and internals to its precision ratio functionality – that the only way to fully appreciate it is to run your own beans through the machine and experience the enhanced flavours.

  • Created by the best in the coffee world, champions and experts together: the Opera Team
  • Exclusive CDS system (Control Delivery System) that allows a full control on the three extraction phases
  • Great ergonomics, amazing details and innovative materials
  • Independent temperature regulation for groups and boilers
  • Specific Pressure Drive mechanic pump for every group
  • Equipped with an ASUS tablet for bluetooth configuration
  • Fitted with Competition Filters

Please contact us for pricing of Opera 2.0

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